What is it? Answers #133

Thursday, September 21, 2006

774. Buttress or butteris, used to trim the inside of a horse's hoof.

775. Continostat, an engineer's tool for the analysis of statically indeterminate structures. Nicholas has done a great job of researching this instrument, more photos and info can be found on his web site.

776. Hoop driver, for use by a barrel maker.

777. Telephone pole rung. On telephone poles, you often see permanent metal rungs going into the pole starting around shoulder or head height. Below these, where the two lower rungs would be are these railroad spike-looking protrusions, the items shown in the photos slide onto these protrusions to form the first couple of rungs and allow the pole climber to access the higher steps easily.

778. Combined cutter and pressure roller device. In printing telegraph systems, received messages are printed on a tape which is cut with this tool. The back of the gummed tape is moistened and the roller is used to mount many strips of the tape to a piece of paper.

779. Hay thief, hay spear, or straw hook, it's pushed into a haystack to retrieve a sample from the middle, which can then be examined for condition and quality.

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